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Our commitment to creating the best violins, violas and cellos doesn’t stop there…we’re excited to be able to offer a greater selection of musical instruments for everyone, including fine guitars, ukuleles, and sound equipment. As always, we stand for quality, integrity, great personal service and community engagement!

Our Luthiers:

We are also proud to be representatives for luthiers creating unique, one-of-a-kind work across the world, including those on the following list. If you are looking for a musical partner, contact us to see our current availability!

Lucas Peliccia

Lucas was born and raised in Rio Cuarto (Cordoba, Argentina) where as a teenager, he began to repair, calibrate and experiment with my guitars and those of friends. In 2014, he started working as a luthier doing calibrations, restorations of basses, electric guitars and classical guitars. Over time and with more experience, he became interested in the manufacture of electric guitars and since 2019 has dedicated himself to making. Lucas’s guitars strike the perfect balance between appealing aesthetic and exceptional functionality, and his signature foil paint finish catches the eye.

Rafal Turkowiak

Polish luthier Rafal Turkowiak is a builder with a keen eye for aesthetic and a true innovator in the world of guitar building. His guitars are well-balanced, incredible tonally and often feature one-of-a-kind (mostly ancient) woods. Besides the impeccable inlays with natural diamonds, baltic amber, natural gemstones, or mammoth bone, Turkowiak guitars display patented innovations such as Sigmoidal sides, High-Tech Press, ‘Wave’ Resonators and double tops, Acoustic neck tubes, and Winged or drilled bridges. All of this adds up to a guitar that will please all of the senses.

Sam Guidry

Sam Guidry has been a professional luthier since 1999, working as an assistant builder and repairman for Galloup guitars. In 2013, Sam began building guitars under his own label, which allowed him to express his own ideas of styling and voicing built upon his experience as the foreman of the Galloup shop. Each guitar Sam makes is a unique work with the goal of tasteful decoration and the ideal acoustic tone. Today, having opened his own shop at home, Sam has no boundaries but his own imagination, and strives to create instruments that are elevated from their basic form into something that inspires the musician to create.

Shabat Guitars

Shabat Guitars harken back to some of the earliest electric guitar designs, offering a kind of vintage-inspired style that will catch the eye of any true guitar aficionado. Each Shabat Guitars model boasts premium-quality tonewoods, high-end electronics and professional appointments that are fully customizable to each and every player’s preferred specs.
Avi Shabat’s impeccable sensibility for detail—as well as his expertise as a live show guitar technician—culminates in a series of stunning, inspired guitars of matchless quality that deliver a level of performance any artist would expect from a professionally designed, handcrafted instrument. All Shabat Guitars are made in the USA, and all repair and custom work is performed at Avi’s innovative Los Angeles workshop.

Poison Noises Pedals

Poison Noises is an effect pedal company based out of Schenectady, NY. Starting as an audio engineering group, Poison Noises made the transition to effect pedals in January 2020, when a small project became a passion. The Poision Noises mission is to deliver you high quality boutique pedals at an affordable price. Everything they make is hand built in the USA, and done so with meticulous attention to detail. Filming their own demos, drawing their own graphics, and even coding their own effects has brought Poison Noises into the modern world of pedal building in 2022, with a focus on constant improvement for the next generation of pedal users.

Nicholas Frirsz

A Fifth generation Master Luthier, Nicholas’ work as a violin maker is heard in great concert halls around the world. A excellent guitarist himself, his creations such as the Filmocaster (a unique guitar created based on the 35mm film reels of yesteryear), as well as custom fit guitars are instruments we are proud to carry.

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