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We carry on six generations of family traditions and knowledge TO SERVE YOU.

The Frirsz family from Hungary is the oldest family of violin makers in the world, spanning five generations. Trained by fifth-generation master luthier Nicholas Frirsz himself, we also carry on the family methods, traditions, and secrets of violin making and all string instruments. It’s six generations of tradition coming to today’s world.

Sometimes you need to just strum away the blues, rock out with friends, or play a parlor concert with a group.

We’re excited to carry a range of exquisite guitars and fretted instruments to help…from brand names you know and trust to unique masterpieces by individual luthiers


We offer fine soloistic string instruments made fully by hand in our shop. We ensure quality by using European maple wood that is up to 150 years old and employing our unique No-Form construction and proprietary patterns based on the finest Hungarian and Italian master string instruments of the last 3 centuries.

We strive to To provide classically-made string instruments to all levels of players in an accessible, informed, and personalized way.


No matter your your budget, we vow to pair each player with high quality string instruments to match their needs and skill level. We are committed to being open, transparent, and honest with all of our work, estimates, and instruments- we will always strive to impart all the options, and recommend the best course of action. All of our rentals include geared peg systems to make tuning easier and allow students to focus on what matters: playing the instrument.

We stand for quality, integrity, personal service, and engagement

We provide the highest quality of string instruments and service in the area, from our decades old materials to fittings and bows, and we perform repairs and restoration to the exacting quality standards held by the most respected members of the violin making profession.

Asymmetric Viola

The Frirsz Asymmetric Viola- in a class by itself! Pioneered by Nicholas Frirsz, our violas are specifically designed to maximize the air space in the body for incredible, deep tone, particularly on the C string. At the same time, shortening the string length and adjusting the shape of the treble/playing side of the instrument allows for comfortable playing and shifting. Combined with our industry leading Perfect Sixth Fit™ System, the result is an aesthetically pleasing viola that punches well above its weight, but will shock you with how easy it is to play!  We guarantee it!