Nicholas Frirsz Violin, 2013

This gorgeous violin from 2013 is by Nicholas Frirsz is a masterpiece and an exceptional example of the master’s later and recent work. A personal model, it has elements reminiscent of G.B. Guadagnini. Featuring a tightly flamed maple back, it is beautifully antiqued and has several unique markings in the wood than lend a slightly untamed feel to the instrument. The scroll goes along well with the wild feel, as it is a unique pattern with half a turn less than standard on the cupola. Tonally, this is a soloist’s instrument, with a very mellow, sweet and smooth timbre.

Tone notes:

  • Balanced
  • Sweet and Mellow
  • Gorgeous, singing upper register

Physical Notes:

  • Dark Red Brown, nearly copper antiqued varnish
  • Interesting wood features and crackled varnish on the back
  • Small cosmetic blemish on the front
  • Wide purfling and tight, impeccable f-holes

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